1. Find your target audience: Before you can choose artwork and images for your campaign you have to identify the demographic that will be using your product. Once you choose your demographic, choose images that use the same age range, interests and looks as your product. A company promoting a new perfume may show a 30-40 year old woman with admirers taken by her as she walks by because the scent is intoxicating.

2. Empathize with your prospect: One way to engage your audience is to empathize and relate to them with emotion. If you are trying to promote a new perfume scent, you may show a woman who isn’t satisfied with the way she smells which makes her feel sad and self conscious.

3. Demonstrate your value proposition: Illustrate how your product can help solve your prospects problem. You may show a woman who is smiling portraying happiness and is glowing with a new fresh scent that makes her feel beautiful.

4. Be Authentic: Show your audience you are real just like them. Relate to them in every way. Instead of using a stock image, use real images of your business and employees. Instead of using a famous model for a new perfume ad, use a woman employee of the demographic you are seeking. This will earn your audiences trust which leads to our next point of returning customers.

5. Reinforce the message you intend to convey: Using images that show what your audience cares about, that is similar to them, and earns their trust is a great way to reinforce your message and keep customers coming back again and again.