When you think about personalization, do you think about lower cost per lead, higher per order values, and increased ROI? You should. But you should also get excited about how personalized printing helps you go green. Here are three reasons why: 1. Targeting means you send out fewer pieces of mail—saving trees, chemicals, and fossil… Read More

The most common channel pairing with print these days is email, but you might also want to consider text messaging, banner ads, social media (such as Facebook), and search engine advertising, as well. Each channel has different benefits depending on your marketing goals and the target audience you are trying to reach. No matter which… Read More

Whether you are writing copy for direct mail, email, social media, or mobile video, it is important to be authentic. People buy from people, so create marketing copy that is believable and that makes people want to buy from you. But like everything else, being authentic still takes planning. Here are five tips for keeping… Read More

Event marketing, including trade shows, seminars, and conferences, offers unique opportunities to engage customers and increase the visibility of your brand. Direct mail, email, social media, and other marketing channels each have a role to play in raising awareness about your company, but events have the ability to put everything together in a way that… Read More

A logo is the most visible graphical representation of a company.  It provides an anchor for the visual elements in all of your other marketing materials, and when associated with an excellent product or service, it can carry goodwill and brand awareness.  Conversely, if your logo has low brand recognition or a dated look, it’s… Read More

To show support and celebrate heart health, we have designed a special custom T-shirt to spread heart disease awareness. We have chosen to call it the, “We ❤ You” tee to spread love to all. What a great sight it would be to see this worn on everyone and spread the message of love and… Read More

Whether you are writing copy for direct mail, email, in-store or exterior signage, or any other type of marketing material, a few simple tricks will increase your ability to grab your audience’s attention and communicate your message more effectively. Here are some fundamental principles of writing great copy that will help you command attention: 1.… Read More

Promotional products, whether common items such as pens and refrigerator magnets or more unusual items such as branded toys or back scratchers, can be powerful components of a multichannel marketing campaign. They tend to be kept for longer periods of time than traditional marketing pieces and can be highly effective door openers for hard-to-reach targets,… Read More

Most successful printing projects don’t happen by accident. They start with a good plan. Here are 5 steps to ensuring that everything goes smoothly and on budget. 1. What is the goal of the printed piece? Is the goal of the piece to entertain or inform? To impress? Your marketing goals influence the design and… Read More

1. Find your target audience: Before you can choose artwork and images for your campaign you have to identify the demographic that will be using your product. Once you choose your demographic, choose images that use the same age range, interests and looks as your product. A company promoting a new perfume may show a… Read More