Most successful printing projects don’t happen by accident. They start with a good plan. Here are 5 steps to ensuring that everything goes smoothly and on budget. 1. What is the goal of the printed piece? Is the goal of the piece to entertain or inform? To impress? Your marketing goals influence the design and… Read More

1. Find your target audience: Before you can choose artwork and images for your campaign you have to identify the demographic that will be using your product. Once you choose your demographic, choose images that use the same age range, interests and looks as your product. A company promoting a new perfume may show a… Read More

Want to get better results with a smaller investment? Try these simple tricks. 1. Plan smart. Simple mistakes often can be avoided with a little planning. Take time to communicate with us about your budget and deadlines, but also the more interpretive elements of the project so we can discuss any challenges we foresee. 2.… Read More

Welcome to PC Creative Services! Formerly known as PC Mailing Services; we have changed our name, image, and offer many new services for you! We are currently in the process of revamping our website and are excited to launch it very soon! You can learn more about how we can help you by reading our… Read More